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Chris Meck’s poignant guitar playing has long been a fixture of Kansas City’s music scene. He plays his instrument with finesse, thoughtfulness and devotion; sometimes it shreds, sometimes it weeps, sometimes it lacerates. After the passing of his wife and musical partner Abigail Henderson in 2013, Meck began writing songs for the first time, and formed the Guilty Birds.

The introduction of bassist Calandra Ysquierdo and drummer Michelle Bacon solidified the group as a rock ‘n roll power trio. In 2016, the Guilty Birds released their debut full-length album, “It’s 4 A.M. Somewhere.” With potent grooves and girl-group harmonies that soulfully blend with Meck’s earnest songwriting and emotive guitar voicings, the album has been met with high praise. The group has supported prestigious touring acts, including Los Lobos and Anderson East; earned coveted festival spots such as YouBloomLA, Middle of the Map and Boulevardia; and has received airplay on more than 60 radio stations across North America and Europe. Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds brings a fresh perspective to the classic guitar rock of greats like Jimi Hendrix with the affectionate soul of the Stax sound, and looks forward to reaching eager audiences across the country.


CHRIS MECK guitar/vocals

Chris is heralded as one of Kansas City's finest guitarists. With Abigail Henderson, he co-founded The Gaslights, Atlantic Fadeout and Tiny Horse; he has also performed and recorded with artists such as Alejandro Escovedo, Kristie Stremel and The Architects. The Guilty Birds is his first songwriting project.



Calandra's vast talents as a bassist, guitarist and vocalist have contributed to KC acts like The Lucky, Pink Socks, Sunshine Destroyers and Heidi Phillips.


MICHELLE BACON drums/vocals

In addition to drums, Michelle is a bassist who has collaborated with dozens of KC-based artists, including Heidi Lynne Gluck, The Philistines and The Blackbird Revue. Her days are spent as a music writer, and she leads The Band That Fell To Earth, a tribute to David Bowie.

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Press photos by Anna Selle Photography

Press photos by Anna Selle Photography


But all art has history, and what makes this album important is its vitality in the present. It takes no context beyond being an open-hearted human to hear the late-night desolation that haunts this record.
— Danny Alexander, KCUR 89.3
It’s a collection of gritty, soul-infused rock songs with some blues accents that showcase Meck’s deft guitar work and the Birds’ bright girl-group harmonies.
— Timothy Finn, The Kansas City Star
In addition to being one of Kansas City’s most respected guitarists, Chris Meck is hailed as the embodiment of the heart and soul of Kansas City’s roots-rock scene by many of his peers.
— Bill Brownlee, The Kansas City Star
Every detail on 2016’s It’s 4 A.M. Somewhere album has been meticulously seen to, and the result is uplifting, nostalgic, and note perfect.
— Sarah Bradshaw, 90.9 The Bridge